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digging a basement at home using excavator

The Ultimate Guide To Digging A Basement

Are you thinking about expanding your living space at home? Do you want to add another floor but don’t want to add another one up?

Why not try digging underneath your house and turn it into another entertainment room or workspace? A basement might be all you need.

Digging out a basement at home has become a more popular renovation idea among homeowners today. In the United States, finished basements are now a rising trend, especially in large houses. 

Things to Consider Before Digging Out a Basement

furnished basement at home

Careful planning is key to a safe and lively underground space. Consider this checklist before starting your basement excavation.

1. Check Your Property Plan

Consult an architect regarding the plan of your house and get advice on how low your underground room can go. 

Some property plans might have a lower ground floor already, which requires less excavating, while others might be prohibited to excavate anything at all.

2. Get Permissions

A full basement excavation project needs planning permission from local authorities. Consult them first before digging anything underneath to avoid any unwanted damage fees.

3. Check Your Budget

A basement conversion can cost you more than a loft renovation. Consider how much improvements would fit with your estimated budget.

On the other hand, the cost of digging underground under an existing house amounts to an average of $40,000-50,000, or about $47-100 per square foot.

4. Make Sure It’s Dry

If you would build a whole new foundation wall, you’ll most likely not encounter difficulties in creating an effective waterproofing system.

However, if you would choose to keep your existing foundation, you’re more prone to experience issues in waterproofing your basement.

Get a damp-proofing expert’s advice to make sure you’ll feel warm and dry in your basement room.

5. Your Lighting

Some good lighting options include track lights between the joists, pot lights in the ceiling, and full-size windows and sliding doors for natural light.

How Long Does It Take to Dig a Basement?

The excavation for a foundation can take from 3 days up to 3 weeks. In some cases, pouring concrete footers is needed before working on the foundation, and this may take you 2-4 weeks.

The basement conversion process, including the construction and waterproofing stage, may take anywhere from 8-20 weeks, depending on size and other factors.

Consult an Excavation Expert Now!

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