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Swimming Pool Excavation: 4 Things To Ask Your Contractor

Want to have your pool in your backyard soon?

If you plan to construct a swimming pool on your property, you should also consider having a land excavation carried out. Swimming pool excavation is the process of clearing away soil and/or debris from an area so that it is deeper than before. This can be used in various situations – often it’s used when digging holes, either for plumbing or to make way for an electrical source, or building a swimming pool!

Planning for an in-ground pool construction is exciting yet complicated. You have to go through the swimming pool excavation process first, which requires a lot of tricky considerations. 

5 Things To Ask Your Swimming Pool Excavation Contractor

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1. Do You Have Licenses And Insurances?

2. What Are The Preparations Needed Before You Start Digging?

Ask your contractor about the things you need to prepare before starting the excavation in your pool!

Check also with your pool builders the physical layout of your pool’s shape in your yard ground. They need to highlight and use string lines, stakes, and wood forms to mark the pool area before the digging process.

You’ll need to clean and clear your yard and around the pool site to accommodate the dump truck and heavy equipment required for the excavation. 

In addition, ask them about the precautions they’ll do to avoid damaging underground utilities away from the pool, such as water lines, irrigation systems, and sewer lines.

3. How Long Will It Take?

Typically, pool excavations may take less than a day, depending on the size, weather, and soil conditions. Ask your contractor the timeframe for the construction process, including possible delays to set your expectations right.

You may need to give the following information to your potential contractor so they can provide you a more accurate estimate time frame:

  • The dimensions of your swimming pool
  • Your pool’s shape for excavation (intricate shapes and details usually take a longer time to dig)
  • Type of ground material and access site

4. What Will Happen To The Dirt At The End Of The Excavation?

To dig a deep hole, the pool builder has to remove dirt, soil, rocks, and gravel in your pool site. 

They can’t use all debris for backfilling, so you need to expect excess dirt at the end of the pool excavation.

Ask your contractor how much dirt would there be and if you could expect them to remove the excavated waste for you in the end. Their answer to these questions would determine your final costs as well.

Hire The Best Pool Excavation Contractor Now!

Some people prefer to dig their pools by themselves to save more money. However, it may cost you huge later if you don’t have any background knowledge in excavating. 

Keep in mind that excavating a pool is a big job that involves securing permits from local authorities. Let the licensed, professional pool builders do the construction job for you and ask your prospects the four questions so you could hire the best one.

What other factors do you consider when hiring a professional pool builder. Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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