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5 New Home Excavation Tips

Excited to build your new home? Don’t build your structure just yet! 

To ensure the longevity of your new home, your foundation needs to be a priority.

New home excavation is a process that involves the moving and/or removal of the earth, dirt, rock, and other materials in your soil before establishing the foundation for your home.

Avoid unnecessary risks, costs, and delays when constructing your house! 

Keep reading to learn more about excavating for your new home and 5 simple tips on how to do it right! 

Is Excavation for Your New Home Necessary? 

The stability of your land and soil is a crucial consideration to ensure that your residence is built to its maximum potential. 

Without proper earthworks, you can put your home at risk of structural damages in the long run. 

5 Tips for Successful Residential Excavation 

1. Land and Site Surveys Are a Must Before Breaking Ground

Even before a construction project begins, the site’s environment, including the soil of the land, should be carefully assessed. 

Excavations for a new home should first go through a comprehensive examination with the use of camera inspections, subsurface mapping, and concrete scanning. 

If you have a detailed analysis of your site, you’ll be able to: 

  • Avoid potential problems related to loose or unstable ground
  • Ensure safe and efficient construction 
  • Reduce risks for mishaps and delays 
  • Get a better perspective of your home’s site 

2. Apply for Proper Permits and Licenses Before Digging  

Yavapai County in Arizona requires proper building permits and licenses before construction projects are done. 

Visit the city’s building and safety division to know which permits and licenses you need to apply for. 

These experts already know the protocols and rules for excavation, so you can be sure that your house site is excavated according to the correct building codes. 

3. Soil Conditions Should Be Checked

It’s not enough that you’ve leveled and graded your land. It’s important to check your soil conditions before you start digging for your new home. 

Untreated soil can be weak and loamy. If you build on top of an unstable foundation, your house is more susceptible to shifting earth conditions. 

Hiring a professional earthwork contractor is the most efficient way to test your soil. 

Earthwork contractors already have the necessary tools and equipment to check the stability of your soil. 

4. Hire a Professional Excavator to Get the Job Done Right

Excavation isn’t a simple DIY project. 

Operating the tools, equipment, and machines requires the skills and expertise of a professional excavator. 

Trust your excavation needs to expert contractors. Their services cover all the crucial steps to lay the best foundation for your home. 

From site surveys, soil testing, dirt removal, and other land preparation, you’re assured that your excavation needs are done correctly and efficiently. 

5. Take the Necessary Safety Precautions 

Are you a hands-on homeowner? If you plan to be on the site during the excavation, always follow the necessary precautions for your safety. 

There will be heavy-duty machines that will be working on your project. Make sure you wear a protective hard hat, safety glasses, ear protection, a safety vest, and the appropriate footwear. 

Check with your contractor to ensure that you have all the right safety equipment to be on the site.

Hire the Right Residential Excavation Pros in Prescott 

  • Survey your site’s foundation 
  • Apply for the proper permits and licenses 
  • Test your soil conditions 
  • Put your home’s safety at top priority

Look no further! Aspire Construction Group is here to serve you. 

We’ve been in the residential earthworks business since 1995, working on various projects in the Yavapai area. 

We know you want the best for your home. Our goal is to provide you nothing but the best grading and excavating solutions at a fair price. 

Got more questions? Leave a comment below and we’ll give you our best advice!

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