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importance of site grading

Site Grading: The Ultimate Homeowners’ Guide

Planning to install a small shed near your home? What about a swimming pool to relax in? Or do you want to transform your yard to suit your gardening hobbies?

If your answer is yes, then don’t forget this significant process before constructing your new facility: site grading.

Grading in civil engineering is the process of adjusting the slope and elevation of the ground surface on your construction project.  

Wondering why site grading is important, even for home construction? 

Read on to find out how it can prevent a disaster and save you from additional costs in construction!

What is Site Grading?

Usually done before construction, it is performed to even out the surface and provide a solid foundation to the infrastructure.  

In residential settings or other existing buildings, it is a necessary step to improve drainage systems or for landscaping purposes.  

Civil engineers, surveyors, and building contractors often work together and measure the land’s slope in preparation for actual surface leveling during new construction. For an existing property, the same procedure is executed. 

The measured slope or grade will dictate how to level the land in a specific grade percentage.

One of the methods to grade land is with the use of heavy machinery. The machinery performs both excavation and surface smoothing using different attachments. 

Another method used is simple excavation, digging down to create a low-lying area such as the base of a structure. 

Drainage installations are also used to confer to the site grade by redirecting water to another place or away from the property. 

The two remaining methods, surface smoothing, and topsoil installation does not involve the use of machinery or new installation. 

Both can simply be described as removing or adding land to a designated area to meet the grade requirements. 

Importance of Proper Site Grading

By now, you’re probably wondering what site grading means for your property and how essential it is. 

Performing site grading will benefit the homeowner in the long run. Here are the two major reasons why:

  1. Protecting the Foundation 

The foundation of your own home or property is the most important part of the structure. 

Without proper site grading, negative drainage could form causing pools of water around the infrastructure.

Eventually, the weight of the water pressing against the foundation generates cracks and causes structural damage. 

These pools of water will also ruin the soil of your landscaping vegetation and would be an ideal mosquito breeding ground. 

After heavy rainfall, a survey should be performed around your property and areas of negative drainage or where pools of water reside should be located. 

Necessary corrections should be made to redirect water away from the foundation. This can be accomplished through a system of swales, piping, or minor pitch angles.

Implementation of the previously stated corrections will also prevent soil erosion.

  1. Aesthetic Purposes  

Most of the time, the sight of a properly maintained property will give you peace of mind. 

This is especially true when sitting at your porch overlooking the landscape in your front yard or when taking care of the plants in your garden.

Site grading will ensure the protection of the foundation of your landscaping elements and the circulation of water for the plants.

Aside from the plants that you will eventually add to your landscape, the land is important in terms of providing the overall ambiance of your design. 

Getting Your Home Ready for Site Grading

Planning to perform site grading on your own? Consider first the scale of your construction project. 

Remember, DIY projects are not for everyone!

For large scale projects, it is better to consult the help of civil engineers or construction professionals. 

Aspire Construction Group is here to provide top-quality service in terms of site grading and excavation in Prescott, AZ, whether it’s for residential and commercial purposes.

Have you performed or witnessed site grading before? Leave a comment and ask questions or share your thoughts below! 

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