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Trenching Services For Contractors: The Ultimate Guide

Construction contractors and developers rely on excavation contractors to complete various tasks including trenching services.

Soil beneath and around new structures plays a large role in the success of a new building or home. 

Let’s dig deeper into some specialty trenching services to further explain their importance for you!

Underground Utility Conduits

You already know that residential and commercial buildings require basic utilities such as plumbing, electricity, cable, phone lines, and even fiber optics.

Calling on an excavation service is preferred to dig trenches that will house a protected underground passage for electrical channels or waterways (sewer or drainage).

How do you dig a trench for conduit?

When digging trenches for conduit, there are a lot of things to consider before the project begins. 

Then, we will create a visual guide so that the location for digging is clear. Once the trench is completed, the other necessary trades may begin working to install the utilities before the trench is backfilled.

Drainage Trenches

Planning to prevent damage from improper site drainage should be completed in every construction project.

Electrical Trenching

Electrical trenching is another specialized form of trenching that is critical in new construction sites. 

For commercial buildings, homes or housing developments, electrical trenching provides a way for power to be distributed without the need for dangerous overhead powerlines.

Your excavation company works closely with engineers from the utility company to plan where the transformer box will be placed.

Digging then begins on the electrical trenches running from the transformer to each required destination.

Waterline Trenching

Another specialty trenching service that must be completed is waterline trenches. It’s important to note that water lines must generally be buried 12 inches below the frost line in most states.

While this may not seem as important in areas that do not often experience freezing temperatures, every state has laws that guide contractors to prevent frozen pipes and costly repairs. 

Waterline trenching is necessary to allow water to be run underground from wells, city water lines, or to connect buildings.

Your excavator will plan the best route to provide an unobstructed flow.

Sewer Line Trenching

As with each utility that must be buried, the codes for sewer line trenching include provisions for health and environmental protection.

Gas & HVAC Piping Trench Service

Natural and Propane Gas are both used for heating buildings and homes throughout the country. Providing specialized trenches for these utilities can protect them from damaging environmental factors. 

When installed and buried correctly these systems can last 25-50 years without needing to be replaced.

Foundation Footings

trench service company

Foundations provide support to structures ranging from sheds and garages to multi-story houses and commercial buildings.

Trenches must be dug in specific locations and then filled with concrete and metal to provide support for the building. 

The depth of these trenches will be based on the size of what is being built. 

As with other specialty trenches, this will be meticulously planned out by an engineer or architect and included in the building plans.

Trenching for Retaining Walls

Digging trenches for retaining walls provides needed support to hold back soil that would otherwise erode or create a landslide.

Much like trenches for foundations, a trench dug for a retaining wall gives stability to a wall that will be under a lot of pressure from earth and water absorbed through precipitation.

Without a specially dug trench, the retaining wall is liable to collapse under the immense weight. This is often on properties with uneven ground or hills. 

Call the experts!

We hope you agree, trenching is a specialized task and there are many specialty trenching services that you’re better off trusting to the experts.

We are happy to help you!

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