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Aspire Construction Group Celebrates Women In Construction

Working in construction has always been viewed as a male profession. Any movie or television program portrays men toiling away on the site. But, this job field, as many others today, is changing. We are beginning to see more and more women on the construction site.

Working together with other professionals and heavy machinery companies, Aspire Construction Group wants to commemorate the rise of women in this profession.

The Increase of Women in the Construction Industry

After the London bombings during World War II, women were instrumental in rebuilding the city. They helped improve green spaces and pushed for affordable housing with more space and greater storage. They transformed the face of London.

The Appeal of Working Construction for Women

Women today are empowered through equal opportunity hiring and putting on their hard hats. Many companies are international and offer jobs in fascinating countries like China and Australia, as well as the U.S. It may not always be easy, but if it’s the right job for you, resilience is an outstanding quality. With any career opportunity, there will be obstacles to overcome. 

With the rise of equality across the job market, and women demanding equal pay for equal work, we are seeing women take the initiative and start their own projects. Why wait for community improvement when you can take matters into your own hands?

Companies Supporting Women in the Building Industry

And, there are other exciting initiatives that accelerate women in construction

Benefits of Women on the Construction Site

Men historically are the hunters, providing them with good hand-eye coordination. They also have better motor skills. But, women have the power of analytical thinking and are more intuitive. 

Let’s ask you a question. Who is better at parking and driving in reverse? Men, or women? Yep! Men are. Who’s better at communicating and problem-solving? Who makes the schedule you follow at home? You guessed it! Women. The difference is in the grey vs white brain matter. 

Women have higher percentages of grey matter, which is the computational brain tissue. White matter contains connective cables in the brain but typically found in a single hemisphere. Make note, these are general findings and not person-specific.

Does this prove that women are better than men? Not at all. It just shows we have different strengths. Why delegate women to the back burner when it comes to working in construction when they have so much to offer the industry? 

Aspire Construction Group is happy to support women in construction. We invite you to partake in a conversation with us. Leave us a comment to share your thoughts.

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