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A Guide to Slope in Land Grading: What is it and Why Do You Need it?

Every property needs effective drainage to ensure this doesn’t happen. This is especially the case for homes on flat land, where water can pool and even stream into your basement.

What is slope for drainage, and why do you need it? In this post, we answer both of these questions and more.

What Is Slope for Drainage?

Weather patterns can be a harsh reality for some homeowners. Rainstorms, snow, and monsoons can generate huge amounts of runoff.

Runoff follows the laws of gravity. It will always flow downhill. If it pools or gathers, it can still seep through soil layers and leak into basements.

For this reason, every home needs an effective drainage system. Most residences, for example, have gutters in place to direct runoff. But gutters alone won’t minimize the risk of a flooded basement or a crumbling foundation.

Your home’s property also needs to be at the right angle to direct runoff away from your residence.

Some homes are on flat land. Others are on land that angles towards a foundation. Both of these are at risk of poor drainage.

Luckily, homeowners can modify their property to handle runoff safely. They first should check the slope or angle of their property to see if it fits the bill.

The best slope for drainage will be an angle that moves water away from your home. This doesn’t mean a steep cliff. Most homes strive for a slope of 5 percent, or 6 inches over the first 10 feet extending from your foundation.

Property Grading

Land grading professionals carefully shape the earth around your home. If you need land grading for drainage, these professionals will sculpt your property to the appropriate slope.

Why Do I Need This?

A slope for drainage will keep your home safe from runoff issues. These can result in basement leaking or, even worse, foundation problems.

Do you need a slope for drainage? We’re happy to answer this question. We know where the water flows and will excavate your property accordingly.

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