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What Is Site Preparation In Home Building?

You’re dying to see the new house, but the crew hasn’t even started building yet. What’s taking so long? 

More than likely, the crew is involved in site preparation.

Site preparation contains several important steps in the building process, and completing those steps takes time. However, preparation is crucial to the success of your new building. 

Are you curious about the ins and outs of site preparation? We’ll cover all the main points here so you know exactly what’s going on in your lot. 

What Is Site Preparation? 

Step 1: Soil Testing

The soil impacts the success of the project due to its ability to absorb water and withstand a structure. Some sites are not suitable for specific projects. This step eliminates that doubt. 

Step 2: Clearing

The next step is to clear away unwanted trees, brush or other items that hinder the building process. This step may also include removing structures above and below ground to ready the lot for building. 

Step 3: Planning

Now, crews start planning the design. 

During this step, professionals may consider everything from the home’s placement to septic tanks to parking for construction workers. Further, crews install drainage systems and fixtures to ready for the structure.

Step 4: Geotechnical Site Investigation

Step 5: Grading and Compaction

Then, crews compact the soil. Compacting the soil allows it to support future building. This process is important for safety reasons and requires crews to compact the soil accurately. 

At this point, the site is ready for the first steps of the building process.

Why Does It Matter? 

Building a home on a lot requires multiple steps and careful consideration of many factors. 

Site preparation ensures the lot is strong enough to withstand the planned foundation and it minimizes the chances of future damage. That’s why contractors are careful to take everything into account during these phases. 

These steps are crucial to your home’s success and to your safety.

Build With a Company You Trust

Site preparation requires careful planning and diligence. Cutting corners results in significant damages later and sometimes even injuries. 

That’s why you need a company you can trust to prepare your lot. 

Do you want the home of your dreams? If so, contact us today. Our professionals never cut corners, and they are committed to creating that dream home you picture without sacrificing the structure’s or your safety. 

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