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Choosing a Land Excavation Company

5 Key Factors for Choosing Best Land Excavation Company for Your Project

Choosing the best excavation company is a task that should be heeded wisely. Taking the time to research the best, most cost effective, ethical, customer-service oriented, and quality grading excavation company is well worth the extra elbow grease. As you know, the foundation and lot prep for your home, the precise dig for plumbing pipes and electrical work for a commercial site, and proper drainage and grading in construction are huge tasks that are better when performed right the first time.

Important Tips When Choosing an Excavation Company

Here are 5 major aspects to look for in your research to help you choose the best land excavation company:

earthworks and excavation contractor Choosing a Land Excavation Company

The Price Tag on your Project

It’s easy to fall prey to the cheapest bidder, but don’t toss aside the higher-priced bids either. The quality of work is usually worth the price. A company who takes honest pride in their work knows their value and their customer service. While undergoing this undertaking, you want to be rest assured that your project is in good hands. You don’t want to fall victim to the adage, “You get what you pay for,” by choosing a cheaper company.

“A contractor who offers rates that are unbelievably low will more than likely take shortcuts that involve using cheap products and poorly designed equipment in order to keep his costs low.”

Do your homework and base the estimates you receive off the following information as well.

The Company’s Reviews and Testimonials 

Happy customers are likely to tell three of their friends of the good service and products they received. Unsatisfied customers are more likely to tell at least 10 people of a negative experience. Spend the extra time to read reviews from the company’s customers. Visit their sites and have a conversation in person to ask about their overall service from efficiency, equipment upkeep, timelines met when given, maintaining budget, and their satisfaction with the end result.  

Workers’ Experience and Knowledge 

The more years in business the better as well as with the same leadership in the organization. Just like the foundation you need built, you want a steady and stable company behind the bulldozer making the dig. Trust is essential when choosing your earthwork contractor. Review the company’s profile, ask questions about those who will be involved in the project, their experience, background and the specialties they bring for your precise needs.

Land Excavation Equipment

Your project cannot get done with faulty or unreliable equipment. For peace of mind, have a conversation with the lead on the job about the quality, maintenance and upkeep of the company’s excavator, bulldozer, skid steer, all the way down to the dirt and rock screening equipment, or whatever equipment is needed for your specific project. If the equipment isn’t well kept then your project will more than likely be delayed, wasting your precious time. Another thing to consider, if the price of the company you are leaning towards is on the higher end, the apparatus they are using is more than likely on the higher-end as well.

Grading Contractor’s Licensing

Keep in mind that a general contractor’s license does not necessarily cover every aspect of the job, like subcontractors for instance, if they are needed to complete the project. Make sure that all who are involved in the getting the job done are legally registered with the appropriate board in your state.


Extra Bonus Tip:

In today’s day and age, we are quick to rush and skim over the fine details. Best advice is to read, ask questions and to get clarification on all the details involved in the project as laid out in the contract and agreement.  Go over in detail expectations and any exceptions that may occur and may incur extra costs. With projects like these, surprises can be inevitable, the more prepared you are the more secure you’ll feel from inception to completion.

Excavation ranges from a variety of projects for both commercial and residential sites. Trusting the company you hire for the little jobs—removal of shrubs and trees from your home—to much more involved and complex jobs—lot prep for a commercial building with engineered compaction, electrical and plumbing lines, utility trenching, drainage and grading culvert installation—is crucial.  

So, as a review it’s best to do the following before signing the contract with a grading and excavation company:

  • Ask for the contractor’s license number and look it up on the state’s registry
  • Get acquainted with the workers on the project; ask questions that will show their knowledge and range of experience
  • Get curious about the equipment, its maintenance and quality
  • Ask for a portfolio of customers and ask them their personal experience and level of satisfaction with the final product. Also read through online reviews and testimonials
  • Your overall gut instinct on customer service and the authenticity of the company
  • Check all the paperwork before signing

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