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Signs You Need a New Driveway replacement

5 Signs You Need a New Driveway

Over time, concrete is subjected to wear and tear. For instance, your car breaks down the structural integrity of concrete or asphalt. Weather elements also play a role in wear and tear of your concrete driveway.

In summer, the high temperatures expand the concrete or asphalt. When it cools, it contracts to create small cracks.  As a homeowner, learning the most common warning signs of a deteriorating driveway can save you money.

Read on to learn the 5 signs you need a new driveway.

1. Small Potholes and Cracks

Potholes occur when small cracks start to form and, due to the weight of the vehicle passing over, it weakens. When the rain starts, the cracks are eroded by raindrops and running water. Eventually, a small pothole will appear.

2. Weathered Look

After installation, your new driveway looks smooth and beautiful. You can’t help but admire how it improves your curb appeal. Problem is as time goes by, the UV rays from the sun will fade the surface.

Here Is How Weathering Occurs

The UV rays will shine on your driveway and penetrate the top layer. Beneath this layer, oxidation will begin. This gives your once smooth and beautiful driveway a weathered appearance. Normally, it turns white or gray.

3. Puddles on Your Driveway

Another indicator of a needed driveway replacement is pooling water. If you notice puddles on your driveway, it means your driveway has fallen into disrepair. This points out to drainage problems, structural integrity, and slope of the driveway.

As such, water cannot drain off as it should. If the puddle is left as is, it can begin eroding the driveway. For instance, it can widen small cracks leading to erosion and small potholes.

4. Undulation

If you have an asphalt driveway, you may notice warping on the surface. This is due to heavy loads. For instance, if you recently remodeled your home, the contractors may have parked heavy vehicles on your driveway.

The constant movement of heavy vehicles can cause your asphalt driveway to warp. This can cause problems for your car suspension.

5. Crumbling Edges

An asphalt driveway is an inexpensive option for homeowners. It has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years and can withstand traffic (people, cars, and bikes as well as weather). Problem is, it’s not immune to wear and tear.

If your driveway is not protected around the edges using curbs or concrete gutters, the edges will start crumbling. To make repairs, you may to start looking into replacing asphalt driveway.

Why Driveway Replacement Is the Best Option

If you notice small cracks, potholes, and warping, your best bet are driveway replacement services. Seeking the help of paving experts restores your driveway to its former glory.

Replacing your driveway also improves your home’s curb appeal, increases its value and protects your car from damage.

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